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Greater Philadelphia will spotlight two historic happenings in 2017

Greater Philadelphia will spotlight two historic happenings in 2017: the opening of The Museum of the American Revolution and On Hallowed Ground: Brandywine 2017.

To honor the spirit of the Revolution and educate visitors on its incredible impact, Philadelphia is now home to the brand-new Museum of the American Revolution. Chester County's revolutionary history will unfold at this amazing museum within the entire story of the nation's birth.

And September 16 & 17, 2017 On Hallowed Ground: Brandywine 2017 will mark the 240th Anniversary of the Battle of Brandywine. The event will include battle scenes with muskets, horses charging, fife and drum corps, encampments, and more. Come explore this amazing time in our nation's history and stand on hallowed ground that once held patriots, presidents, and heroes.

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