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A Guide to Victory Brewing Company

A local favorite expanded their brewing this past fall and they’re offering more than just pale ales and a sour seasonal.

Victory Brewing Company’s location in Parkesburg opened the doors to not only its newest BrewPub but also the brewery itself. Whether you’re here for the local taste of Victory or a beer aficionado yourself, Parkesburg Victory has something for everyone – from in house brewed beer to fresh food, and the scenery of Chester County’s rolling hills that changes along with the seasonal brews.

Parkesburg Victory offers a free six step self-guided tour and they encourage you to bring your favorite brew along for the tour. So while you enjoy your drink you’ll grow a greater appreciation for the taste of Victory as you walk along the bird’s eye view of brewery in action. Trust us, after the tour the beer taste even better.

Your six steps self-guided tour offers something for all the senses and includes a look into the essentials of a Victory brew. As soon as you climb the stairs to the tour, there’s no way you won’t notice the sweet aroma filling the air. That would be the first stop on your tour. The Hop Storage. What you’re smelling between your sips is the fresh hops. If you don’t believe it you can even have a look for yourself. This stop includes a lesson in hops and the reasoning behind why Victory chooses whole-flower hops for brewing.

The next stop is the Brewhouse, which you can also peek into at the Brewpub below. What’s so special about the Brewhouse at Victory is the engineering behind it. The Brewhouses at Victory were inspired by German engineering with a touch of American ingenuity. Video streams explain the reasoning behind the barrel-tanks design, which includes Victory creators travels to Germany that inspired their unique Brewhouses.

The next two steps of the tour, Malt Handling and Fermentation, go together like you and a Victory brew. What brings the brewing process to a close are the gifted brewers and a touch of technology. At these stages of the process, you’ll learn exactly what malt handling and fermentation are, that is if you didn’t already know. Along with a view that looks down at the process in the works, there are videos and interactive stages. This is where you learn the details behind what makes of your favorite brew exceptional.

Finally, witness the finished product. The Packaging stop on the tour gives a view of how the brew gets ready to come home with you. Between the bottles on the packaging line and the kegs being filled by the arms of a robot on the opposite side, there’s plenty to see and learn.

Don’t finish your beer just yet! Before you head down to the Brewpub, be sure to stop by the Laboratory. See for yourself what goes into developing the local taste of Victory. You might even witness the creation of Victory’s next seasonal brew or one that sticks around for the long haul. This part of the tour includes those bragging rights. There’s even a view into a closet that holds every Victory brew known to man, including brews that are no longer with us.

If the self-guided tour turned you into an entre-brew-neur and you want to know even more about the brewery, Victory Parkesburg offers more exclusive tours. Tours through the production facility are available to groups at a cost but only by request. Just be sure to give them notice to plan ahead for your tour.

Reward yourself after your self-guided tour with an unforgettable meal at the Brewpub. Not only is it serving all your favorites from HopDevil to Golden Monkey but it’s also offers the seasonal selections (our personal recommendation: Summer Love Ale.) If you aren’t sure which meal or which brew to get, choose one and let Victory decide the rest. The menu pairs all meals with a brew to complement your meal. Our final tip: don’t forget to look online at the daily menu before finalizing your order.

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