Gloria Piantek explores Chester County’s mushroom scene and shares some great recipes to utilize the region’s favorite crop.

Royal Trumpet™ Mushrooms at Kennett Square PA Mushroom Festival Exhibit on Sept 10th 2017

Mushrooms, the plant of immortality, guided ancient Egyptians 4500 years ago. Their flavor fascinated the pharaohs of Egypt so much that mushrooms were only used as food for royalty. Look at the history of Russia, China, Greece, Mexico, and Latin America and you will find mushroom rituals being practiced. Their properties were believed to produce super-human strength, cognitive advantages, and even guide souls to the gods.

Shiitake Mushrooms at Woodlands Retail Store at Phillips Mushroom Farms on Sept 8th 2017

Aztecs and other indigenous Americans used mushrooms in religious practice and for divination. The mushroom was a spiritual cornerstone of these people and this legacy lives on in southern Mexico today. All over the globe, mushrooms left their imprint on great civilizations of the past

Maitake Mushrooms at Kennett Square PA Festival Mushroom Exhibit on Sept 10th 2017

What are Mushrooms?

Mushrooms are classified as vegetables in the food world, but they are not technically plants. They belong to the fungi kingdom.  All mushrooms are fungi, but not all fungi are mushrooms.  For those fungi that produce them, the mushroom plays a similar role to a flower or a fruit in plants.